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Sprint Filter P08F1-85 Air Filter for Triumph Speed Triple 2016
Sprint Filter P08F1-85 Air Filter for Triumph Speed Triple 2016

Sprint Filter P08F1-85 Air Filter for Triumph Speed Triple 2016

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Sprint Filter P08F1-85 - The Ultimate Performance Air Filter Replaces OEM part no. T2204093 Sprint Filter is Official Technical Supplier of the HRC Repsol Honda Team Official Technical Supplier of Aprilia Racing Official Supplier of Ducati 2020 P08F1-85 is the ultimate performance air filter available from Sprint Filter, developed over two years and currently in use by top race teams in MotoGP and World SBK. P08F1-85 provides almost three times the airflow of P08 with virtually the same filtration performance, which makes P08F1-85 suitable even for moderate road use as well as top level competition. Polyester P08: Filtration: 80 microns - Airflow: 5.050 lit/m2/s - Waterproof: No Polyester P037 Dual Sport: Filtration: 37 microns - Airflow: 5.000 lit/m2/s - Waterproof: Yes Polyester P08F1-85: Filtration: 85 microns - Airflow: 15.000 lit/m2/s - Waterproof: Yes P08F1-85 uses a special polyester material with a wire diameter of only 22 microns. This air filter was designed for road racing applications and uses patented technology to make it waterproof, the only filter in the world of its kind. It's unique weave pattern can filter debris as small as 85 microns while having the highest permeability for any air filter on the market. The increased airflow of the P08F1-85 air filter will help maximize your bike power potential while offering excellent filtration protection. Virtually Maintenance Free To clean your Sprint Filter P08F1-85, simply remove the filter from the airbox, blow it clean with compressed air, and re-insert it. No messy washing, after-market cleaners or oil treatments required, saving you valuable time and money! Long Lifecycle Being man-made, the P08F1-85's polyester material will, if properly looked after, display no discernible deterioration or loss of structure or performance over the lifetime of your bike. Build Quality With 60 years of experience in producing air filters, and success at the highest levels of competition (including MotoGP, Moto3 and World SBK), you can be confident in the quality of materials and manufacture of your Sprint Filter P08F1-85 air filter. Model compatibility Speed Triple R (from VIN T735337) 2016 – 2018 Speed Triple RS 2018 – current Speed Triple S (from VIN T735337) 2016 - current