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SpeedAngle Apex Gps Lap Timer
SpeedAngle Apex Gps Lap Timer
SpeedAngle Apex Gps Lap Timer
SpeedAngle Apex Gps Lap Timer
SpeedAngle Apex Gps Lap Timer
SpeedAngle Apex Gps Lap Timer
SpeedAngle Apex Gps Lap Timer
SpeedAngle Apex Gps Lap Timer
SpeedAngle Apex Gps Lap Timer

SpeedAngle Apex Gps Lap Timer

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SpeedAngle Apex Data Logger and Lap Timer with Lean Angle Measurement
New Improved Apex Model was released October 2017 with GPS+GLONASS! So small yet so powerful [Master the Art of Cornering].

The new upgraded version has different five display modes and uses the GPS Module with Ultra High Sensitivity.

-167 dBm sensitivity brings great reception even under bad weather or around tall builidings
72 channels catch your traces even in tight corners or in small tracks,
your lap times will be even more accurate, and
you will no longer be tethered by external antennas.
5 Display Modes
Memory Full Display
Equipped with aero sensing technology and 10 Hz GPS module, GMOS is a one-of-a-kind data logger developed for motorcycle enthusiasts. It is different from other data loggers in the market in that it captures how YOU perform instead of how the bike performs. It measures and records the 3D motion of your ride, including;

lean angles up to R/L 69 degrees,
longitudinal G's up to +/- 1.5G,
speeds up to 255 MPH (410 KMH),
10 Hz GPS traces (logging GPS positions 10 times per second), and
lap times down to 1/1000 sec.
These essential data help riders analyze their riding style easily, and provide an efficient way to improve the riding skill.

Why Lean Angle Measurement Is Essential

“I know G's and Speed's are useful, but why lean angle measurement?", you might ask. Leaning is what differentiates two-wheel vehicles from four-wheel ones. Unlike cars, Motorcycles lean in order to make a turn. Knowing your speeds and G's without knowing your lean angles is like missing a piece of the puzzle; something might be missing when you are analyzing your riding skill.

“True, but I'll know how much I am leaning when I graze my knee puck.", you might say. The point of lean angle measurement is not how far you can lean, but to know exactly how and where you are leaning in a corner. This, plus the acceleration/deceleration G measurement and GPS trace, can clearly mark how hard and how long you are braking before entering a turn, what your cornering speed is, if the throttle is rolled on again before or after exiting the apex, just to name a few. Only when a motorcyclist knows how he/she is handling a turn can he/she master the art of cornering, and thus the skill of motorcycle riding.

Hands-Free Lap Timer

Besides collecting and recording essential motion data, APEX is a hands-free lap timer.
It features:

Auto Track Search,
Auto Start/Finish Setup – no beacons needed,
Auto Timer Start,
Auto Timer Stop,
Auto Data Logging
Auto Lap Report Display
Best lap and sector time
Predictive time gap
5 display modes
Local tracks preloaded
15 custom tracks in memory
Firmware can be updated

In most cases, once you are on a Track, all you need is power timer on, and then it will take care of itself. This allows you to focus on the more important thing – perform to the best – instead of being distracted by the tool that is supposed to help you.

Best Lap Indication

Once you have a new best lap, the whole lap time display area will be highlighted for a pre-designated period of time. Just a glance and you know you have made another progress

Track Setting Manageable

The Start/Finish can be set on the track using the auto set function, or be uploaded beforehand from PC to your device. You can also download the Start/Finish settings from the device to PC to modify them, add splits (up to 7) to them, delete them, or save them as files.

Free Replay and Analysis Software

You can replay your rides log v.s. log or lap v.s. lap with our user-friendly Replay and Analysis software R3 . Here G's are color coded on the trace, and lean angles are shown real-time with a triangle extending from the bike marker. The motion data are drawn in line graphs. Use the lean angle graph as a reference to find where your turns begin and end. This will provide you with an insight into your cornering skill. You can also open the Lap Time Report to see your lap performance.

Google Earth Replay

You can overlay your logs onto Google Earth and have your rides replayed 3-dimensionally on the satellite photo images of the track. There is no limit to the tracks that can be overlaid onto, as long as they are available on Google Earth. You can see your riding lines against the track border, and a 3D model bike lean and accelerate just as you did. This feature allows you to compare your rides or compare with your friends' rides as if you are in a virtual race

Lap Time & Lean Angles [Display 3] for Cruising or Twistie Rides

Feeling like going for an easy ride on an open road or to the twisties but would still like your motion data recorded? You can choose to switch to display 3 which is Lap Time + G/Angles. This mode shows your lean angles real-time with an angle meter, displays the max angles of your last three turns, and records your speeds, G's, lean angle's and GPS traces.

Video Overlay

You can purchase video overlay software from our partners or to do the overlay and make your video look like one from MotoGP. See demo in the showroom section.

Easy Installation

The Apex dashboard comes with 3M Dual Lock bracket that is GoPro Compatable.
The sensor can be installed with the supplied bracket with 3M VBH tape. No additional drilling or wiring is required.

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