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GBRacing Bullet Frame Sliders (Race) for Kawasaki Ninja 400

GBRacing Bullet Frame Sliders (Race) for Kawasaki Ninja 400

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This revolutionary GBRacing design offers light weight protection using high grade engineering materials chosen for their superior crash protection and impact absorption qualities.

Available in 'Race' variant only - this item is the 'Race' variant.

The 'Race' set features shorter tubes to position the Bullet virtually flush with the fairing, reducing the risk of bike flipping during a slide while still protecting the frame.

  • Additional point of contact for sliding, in conjunction with engine case covers
  • Aluminum tubular design absorbing impact and distortion
  • Bolt cap head is always 5mm away from stock mounting position - minimising the leverage
  • Low cost bullet moulding replacement
  • No modification of standard fairing required

Designed, race developed and manufactured in the U.K.

Kawasaki Ninja 400 2018 – current