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Eazi-Grip PRO Tank Grips (DIY cut to shape) 2 x Universal Sheets  black

Eazi-Grip PRO Tank Grips (DIY cut to shape) 2 x Universal Sheets black

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Eazi-Grip PRO - the non-abrasive high performance tank grips Universal Sheet DIY Cut PRO Tank Grips Includes 2 x Universal Sheet 305mm x 155mm DIY Cut Tank Grips, black Manufactured in the UK from high quality polyurethane, these traction pads are designed to be applied to the fuel tank recesses next to the riders knees. The sheets measure 305mm x 155mm and can be easily cut to shape using scissors; see application guidelines below. Not all tank grips are the same, and choice is usually down to rider preference. Race developed in BSB and Isle of Man TT for the more aggressive race or track-day rider, Eazi-Grip PRO Tank Grips features a unique, circular embossed pattern, with a flatter, lower profile that combines excellent grip and durability with exceptional rider feel. PRO Tank Grips have been specifically designed to allow greater movement on the bike whilst giving high levels of grip when needed through corners and under heavy braking. High quality polyurethane with low profile, circular embossed surface Provides outstanding feel and movement but with superior grip when needed Non-abrasive - kind to riders leathers DIY cut to your preferred shape - instructions and IPA surface cleaner provided Application Work out your preferred design and cut the grips to shape using sharp scissors. Avoid forming sharp edges to promote long-term adhesion. For best results, practise cutting paper or card to shape first, then use as a template. Once cut to shape, peel back part of the release liner then press the tank grip firmly onto the tank and slowly peel back the liner whilst applying the grip. Push down the surface and take care not to trap air bubbles as you go. Allow 48 hours for the adhesive to fully bond before using the grips. Use an IPA cleaner to prepare surface area NO methylated spirits/petrol/lighter fluid etc. as these leave behind a thin, greasy residue. For best results ensure prepared surface is above 10oC. Also available - Eazi-Grip EVO Tank Grips Eazi-Grip EVO tank grips have a soft but durable domed surface that is very easy to grip, giving the rider increased control with minimal effort, thereby reducing fatigue and and reducing wear to the riders leathers or clothing. Eazi-Grip EVO Tank Grips tend to suit the less aggressive rider (primarily road and occassional track use) and are a great alternative to more abrasive, higher priced tank grips available on the market. Designed, developed and manufactured in the U.K. Suitable for virtually any road, track or race motorcycle Part No. PROSHEETSBL