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Bonamici Rearsets Suzuki GSR & GSX-S 750 (2011+)

Bonamici Rearsets Suzuki GSR & GSX-S 750 (2011+)

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Bonamici Rearsets Suzuki GSR & GSX-S 750 (2011+)

Bonamici Suzuki GSR 750 Rearsets (2011+) are made using Aluminium Billet CNC Technology. Rearsets use Bearings to completely eliminate Friction on the foot lever and feature a spring-loaded rear brake lever return. All rearsets are available in standard Black Anodized finish making them Strong, Attractive, and Resistant to Mechanical or Chemical Wear.

World Superbike Proven Suzuki GSR 750 (2011+) All Spare Parts Available
High Grip Footpeg / Fixed Toe Peg

(UHG Race Footpeg & Folding Toe Peg Available)

Standard & Reversible "GP" Shift

(adjustable shift linkage)

Foot Peg Insert Colors Optional

(*Requires Optional Brake Pressure Switch to Retain Rear Brake Light)

Highly Adjustable >>

100% Made in Italy

Adjustable Forward(-) & Back(+) : +10mm, +20mm, +30mm

Adjustable Down(-) & Up(+) : Stock, +10mm, +20mm

Lightweight Design

Part: BON-S009